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Delivering Innovation Impact

"More than 90% of executives are dissatisfied with their innovation performance"

Making innovation better

Our purpose at Innovate21 is to make innovation better, in order to enable organisations to deliver innovation impact. Not do innovation, but to embed innovation as a strategic imperative that drives and delivers the future they need.

Our clients come from multiple industries, including energy, finance, technology and the third sector, benefitting from our trusted and proven approach that delivers sustainable results.

What is the big issue?

Innovation as a management discipline has been around for at least 40 years.  


Organisations find it hard to build systematic innovation capability and demonstrate innovation value and impact.

A 2015 McKinsey survey found that 94% of executives were dissatisfied with innovation performance.

What's the problem?

Innovation is difficult to measure, manage and create a true systematic impact.


Idea-heavy: Too big a focus on the more creative front-end of ideation phase

What’s the point?: Organisations unsure of what the role of innovation is

No process: Innovation not being approached in a systematic, structured way

Innovation Island: Innovation not aligning or linking to the corporate strategic direction

Not in the DNA: Innovation not embedded as a sustainable organisational capability

No goal: There is seldomly a clear set of objectives for innovation

Bad metrics: Innovation being incorrectly measured and managed.

Our Better Innovation Framework

Our Better Innovation Framework has three stages:

  1. Strategy – Embed innovation into the future strategy
  2. Operational – Enable the organisation to innovate
  3. Manage – Build the culture and measure the impact

Within the stages, our framework has six elements:

  • Embed the imperative for change with leadership

  • Develop the innovation ambition to create success

  • Execute the innovation program for the organisation

  • Build processes and tools to support innovation

  • Measure and monitor innovation performance & progress

  • Create an engaged culture & innovative organisation

So what’s the Better Innovation approach that we at Innovate21 do?  We have three phases in our approach; discover you truth, determine your focus and deliver the impact needed.

When you are doing Better Innovation, you solve the common challenges that are faced in innovation. You have better focus on where innovation is most valuable. Your outcomes are better, they are more successful and sustainable, and therefore, measurable.

Using our approach, you get the innovation impact where your organisation needs it.

Discover Your Truth

An in-depth diagnostic of your innovation environment using our Better Innovation framework to analyse your current state.

Outcome: Extensive report on each of the Better Innovation elements

Determine your focus

Using the “truth”, we help you determine outcomes needed, identify key focus areas and create the innovation roadmap.

Outcome: Alignment on required goals, direction and approach

Deliver the impact needed

Partner with Innovate21 to deliver your innovation roadmap, using our tools and frameworks, tracking progress & success.

Outcome: Measurable innovation impact is delivered to organisation

Who do we work with?

We work with companies that believe in better.

Companies that have a belief system; they are ambitious for themselves as an organisation, but also want to create a better world.

Innovate21 really thrives working with executive leaders, strategy leaders and innovation leads. Leaders who see their world and want to make it better.

We are not theorists, but experienced innovators who have led innovation for many decades. That’s why Innovate21  is trusted.

If you are currently thinking that your innovation efforts and results need to be better, it’s not making the impact you’d hoped for, Innovate21 enables you to make it better.

Our Team

Innovate21 can call on a team of experienced innovators. Each team member has their own unique perspectives and innovation stories and have the scars to prove it.

We have successfully innovated in many different industry sectors, from Energy and Manufacturing to Retail and Finance, giving us unique perspectives to support your organisation.


Harvey Wade

Founder & Managing Director

Harvey is an experienced innovation leader who drives business impact from transformation and change programs. He knows what it takes to create, drive and sustain improvement in organisations, changing cultures to increase engagement and buy-in at all levels, enabling better performance and results.  

A regular conference speaker, award-winning blogger and contributor on MBA and Exec education programmes, his practical innovation experience spans many industry sectors. The problems are different, but his approach, tools and methods are universally applicable, delivering value to everyone he works with.


What people say about us

Driving innovation in a complex corporate environment is a fascinating role, and Innovate21 had a great impact in this area. Their thoughtful approach, helped by many years experience of creating a culture of innovation, helped me develop a new perspective. Their expertise provided a valuable framework to build from, and I greatly enjoyed working with them.
Chris Dexter
Vice President, Cisco
The experienced Innovate21 team enabled us to create an impactful set of podcasts that will continue to provide invaluable insights, guidance and practical innovation tools to our members.
Sophie Rogers
Innovation Manager, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
My team and I were very impressed with Innovate21's thorough approach, ability to work in an ambiguous and changing environment and drive to deliver the work within the expected timescales. Their work will enable us to develop our innovation capabilities, creating the opportunity for a more innovative future.
Robin Melvin
Head of Innovation, EDF
Innovate21 is a must have partner if you are boosting the innovation DNA of your organization or company.
Salim Azzabi Zouraq
Innovation Officer, World Health Organization
Harvey is an accomplished innovation management professional who I have called upon for advice a number of times when facing an intractable problem. It is rare to find someone with as much international experience in the innovation game. Such exposure to cognitive diversity gives him a unique lens on the evolving world of a 21st century skill set and how best to democratise innovation.
Sam King
Innovation Manager, AGL Energy

The World Health Organization are creating a more innovative culture by identifying, coaching and up-skilling innovators. To support this, they launched a global innovation challenge to gather ideas from the organisation. Ten ideas were selected to be supported and developed.

Innovate21 designed and ran a virtual training program to guide the idea teams on their innovation journey, by validating their idea concepts and developing early prototypes. Each team was coached by an experienced innovator, ensuring progress along their explorative path was made.

Recognising the global nature of the WHO, a detailed playbook was created to provide a bespoke toolset to support the innovators in their innovation journey. The initiative culminated in an exciting pitch event to the WHO Director General, providing the recognition deserved.

“Innovate21 is a must have partner if you are boosting the innovation DNA of your organization or company.”
Salim Azzabi Zouraq
Innovation Officer, WHO

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