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Delivering Innovation Impact

"More than 90% of companies are unhappy with their innovation performance."

Delivering Innovation Impact

Our purpose is to deliver Innovation Impact using our systematic organisation-wide approach. Our clients come from multiple industries, including energy, finance, technology and the third sector, benefitting from our trusted and proven approach that delivers sustainable results.

What is the big issue?

Innovation as a management discipline has been around for at least 40 years.  


Organisations find it hard to build systematic capability and demonstrate value and impact. 

A 2015 McKinsey survey found that 94% of managers were dissatisfied with innovation performance.

What's the problem?

Innovation is difficult to measure, manage and create a true systematic impact.


Organisations can’t answer what the role of innovation should be.

Innovation is not approached in a systematic way.

Innovation does not align and link to the corporate strategy.

Often focused on the more creative front-end ideation phase.

Innovation is not embedded as a sustainable organisational capability

There is seldomly a clear set of measured objectives for innovation.

Innovation is poorly measured and managed.

Our Innovation Impact Framework

Our Innovation Impact Framework has three stages:

  1. Strategy – Embed innovation into the future strategy
  2. Operational – Enable the organisation to innovate
  3. Manage – Build the culture and measure the impact

Within the stages, our framework has six elements:

  • Embed the Imperative

  • Innovation Ambition

  • Execute Program

  • Processes and Tools

  • Innovative Organisation

  • Measure and Monitor

Using our Innovation Impact diagnostic tool enables us to identify and focus on the key areas that will rapidly increase the value from innovation for your organisation. 


We embed innovation into an organisation’s future strategy by:

  1. Mobilising the imperative for change with executive leadership
  2. Developing the innovation ambition to create success
We do this by:
  • A clear perspective why innovation is necessary
  • Alignment on the firm’s “strategic ambitions”
  • Strong exec level sponsorship for innovation
  • Set and ring-fenced funding for innovation initiatives
  • A ‘future state’ or shared vision for innovation
  • Agreeing definition and goals of innovation
  • Clear innovation role to deliver enterprise strategy
  • Institute mechanisms to support innovation


We enable the organisation to innovate by:

  1. Execute the innovation program
  2. Building processes and tools to support innovation
We do this by:
  • Establishing innovation opportunities and focus areas
  • Aligning innovation strategy across organisation
  • Creating an initial innovation roadmap
  • Assessing current culture & capabilities
  • Building innovation internal and external networks
  • Providing innovation capability training
  • Defining the innovation lifecycle
  • Determining innovation portfolio management approach
  • Developing the innovation centre support processes


We build the culture and measure the impact by:

  1. Creating an engaged culture and innovation organisation
  2. Measuring and monitoring  performance & progress

We do this by:

  • Analysing and managing the  innovation portfolio
  • Establishing the appropriate innovation governance
  • Seeking and reviewing disruptive trends
  • Regularly reviewing innovation initiatives with risk management
  • Sharing & embedding best practices throughout organisation
  • Annually performing strategic innovation scenario planning
  • Publicly celebrate innovation successes and learning

Why Innovate21?

Our approach is structured and systematic with clear outcomes and proven tools to deliver those outcomes. Using our Innovation Impact diagnostic tool enable us to focus on key areas that will rapidly improve innovation impact.

We are not theorists, but experienced innovators who have led innovation for many decades.

We have successfully innovated in many different industry sectors, from Energy and Manufacturing to Retail and Finance, giving us unique perspectives to support your organisation.

Our Team

Innovate21 can call on a team of experienced innovators. Each team member has their own unique perspectives and innovation stories and have the scars to prove it.

We have successfully innovated in many different industry sectors, from Energy and Manufacturing to Retail and Finance, giving us unique perspectives to support your organisation.


Harvey Wade

Founder & Managing Director

Harvey is an experienced innovation leader who drives business impact from transformation and change programs. He knows what it takes to create, drive and sustain improvement in organisations, changing cultures to increase engagement and buy-in at all levels, enabling better performance and results.  

A regular conference speaker, award-winning blogger and contributor on MBA and Exec education programmes, his practical innovation experience spans many industry sectors. The problems are different, but his approach, tools and methods are universally applicable, delivering value to everyone he works with.


What our clients say about us

Driving innovation in a complex corporate environment is a fascinating role, and Harvey had a great impact in this area. His thoughtful approach, helped by his many years experience of creating a culture of innovation, helped me develop a new perspective. His expertise in program management provided a valuable framework to build from, and I greatly enjoyed working with him.

Chris Dexter
Senior Director, Cisco, London

Harvey is an accomplished innovation management professional who I have called upon for advice a number of times when facing an intractable problem. It is rare to find someone with as much international experience in the innovation game. Such exposure to cognitive diversity gives him a unique lens on the evolving world of a 21st century skill set and how best to democratise innovation.

Sam King
Innovation Manager, AGL Energy, Melbourne

Absolutely loved my time learning from Harvey, his experience was exactly what we needed from our latest and toughest assignment. Thoroughly recommended.

Paul Willoughby
Head of IT Strategy, Innovation & Architecture, Beazley

My team and I were very impressed with Innovate21's thorough approach, ability to work in an ambiguous and changing environment and drive to deliver the work within the expected timescales. Their work will enable us to develop our innovation capabilities, creating the opportunity for a more innovative future.

Robin Melvin
Head of Innovation, Blue Lab, EDF UK

I have read a lot about Design Thinking, but this was my first workshop which applied this concept to an actual problem. The way you guys did your homework and tailored the workshop to the task at hand was simply superb. The outcome was brilliant and was far ahead of what I expected. Today, we are regaining trust back from the customer and a large part of that is due to the work that you guys enabled in this workshop.

Aamer Azeemi
COO, Smarten Spaces, Seattle

I believe it's important to think about the right person for the right project or engagement. Harvey is an excellent facilitator with the executive presence, patience, humour, business expertise and consultative approach to deal with even the toughest of audiences.

Helen Fridell
Director, Cisco, London

Case study

EDF’s UK Innovation Centre, Blue Lab, wanted to create a set of training materials that would increase innovation skills and capabilities in both Blue Lab and the wider EDF organisation. Following an initial discovery phase to ascertain needs, we created fifteen innovation modules, which can be consumed individually or combined to make a more extensive offering. The modules covered setting innovation strategy and design thinking practices, through to prototyping methods and idea implementation. Each module was tailored to EDF’s specific needs and piloted with the organisation to test its effectiveness.

“Innovate21 worked very closely with us to understand our requirements and has produced a set of modules that are both practical and engaging. My team and I were very impressed with their thorough approach, ability to work in an ambiguous and changing environment and drive to deliver the work within the expected timescales. This work will enable us to develop our innovation capabilities, creating the opportunity for a more innovative future.”
Robin Melvin
Head of Innovation, Blue Lab, EDF

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